On Monday, the 10th of May, israeli planes started a widespread bombardment of the Gaza Strip, killing 35 people-10 of them children- and injuring hundreds of palestinians. This offensive is part of a punishment policy against occupied territories, especially Gaza, which has led to the collapse in living conditions of the people of Palestine. To the electricity, drinking water and health system cuts and shortages, Israel has added the denial of vaccinations for Palestinian people.The Israeli state justifies this new military offensive as an answer to the rocket launches by Hamas against israeli cities, but it criminally hides what has happened during the past few weeks.

Whilst numerous demonstrations by far-right israeli settlers have been repeatedly happening, protests against the israeli occupation have been increasing, with the centre of Jerusalem occupied against the closure of entry points for Palestinian people and against the eviction of palestinian families by israeli settlers on the Sheik Jarrah neighbourhood. In the last few days israeli riot police brutally and recklessly charged the inside of the Al Aqsa Mosque using rubber bullets, smoke and stun grenades, causing 200 injured people on Friday the 7th of May and 300 injuries on Monday the 10th.

The zionist state is facing the biggest israeli-arab protests of the last few years.

Moreover, the “punishment operation” in Gaza is happening in the middle of the deepest political crisis in Israel’s history. Even after four elections in only two years, no stable government has been able to be formed, and Netanyahu faces a series of lawsuits that might send him to prison. He has lost the opportunity to form a Government and consequently has fanned and encouraged the behaviour of the police and supported the settlers’ marches of the past weeks, in an attempt to create an “exceptional” situation that can keep him in power. The issues of israeli internal policy, the crisis of the regime and of zionist capitalim have again exacted its price on palestinian lives.

For the same reason, this slaughter shows again the farce that is Biden’s US government, a president in the pockets of Wall Street, who has continued Trump’s foreign policy regarding Israel. His support for the zionist state is complete and unshakable, and he as only repeated the same vacuous and hypocritical phrases used for decades: an appeal for “both parts to decrease the tension”, equating the victims with the executioners.

The role of the European Union has been exactly the same, effectively supporting a new slaughter by the zionist state.

The left and the labour movement need to call for a mass mobilisation to stop this massacre.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people! Stop the israeli bombardments!

Down with the capitalist zionist State!

For proletarian internationalism and working-class unity. For a socialist alternative!