The strike day called by the Student Union on the 27-S has been a resounding success. Two million secondary school students and tens of thousands of university students have emptied the classrooms supporting our appeal, and tens of thousands have participated in more than 40 demonstrations, pointing at great economic powers and politicians of the system as the responsibles for the ecological catastrophe.

The strike figures are overwhelming. More than 90% of support in the public institutes of Galiza, Asturias, Euskal Herria, Aragón, Catalunya, Valencià Country, Andalusia, Madrid ... figures higher than 80% in Extremadura, Balears, Rioja, Castilla León, Castilla-La Mancha, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Murcia ... In the demonstrations of the Student Union, which have started at 12 in the morning and that have crowded the main streets of the cities, give an idea of the fury and determination that moves us.

Thousands of homemade posters made by youth with all kinds of anti-capitalist slogans have filled the marches, in which they have not stopped shouting slogans.

Tens of thousands in Madrid and Barcelona, thousands in the Galician capitals (Vigo, Ourense, Ferrol, Coruña ...), in Asturias (Gijón and Oviedo), in Valencia, Castelló, Alacant, in Zaragoza, thousands more in Euskal Herria (Donosti , Bilbo, Gasteiz and Iruña), in Tarragona, Girona and Lleida, in Málaga, Sevilla, Cádiz, Huelva, Granada and the rest of the Andalusian capitals, in Murcia, in Guadalajara, Albacete, Palma... And in all of them a combative environment emphasized precisely that this mobilization is an indissoluble part of the struggle to overthrow capitalism, against all the powers that plunder nature, but also cut and privatize public education, condemn us to unemployment and precariousness, and approve all kind of laws to repress us when we stand up against these injustices.

The planet is not dying, they are killing him

The youth has raised a powerful environmental movement with the celebration of numerous student strikes and demonstrations for months, and that last September 20 and the day of 27 has mobilized millions

From the Student Union, we are fully convinced that this direct action has served as a loudspeaker so that recent studies on the alarming speed with which the ecological catastrophe progresses have had a much wider audience. This is what has forced sectors of the capitalist class and politicians at their service to try to show their "green consciousness" by accelerating their demagogic campaign. With the strategy of joining the environmentalist car, they try to shirk and hide the fundamental responsibility they have in this barbarism.

It is no accident that, from bankers to businessmen, Angela Merkel, Macron, Felipe VI and many others, they try to present their green credentials and their great concern for what is happening. It is part of a consciously designed strategy to try to assimilate the environmental movement, when not to buy it directly, and avoid that it may contain an anti-capitalist and revolutionary content.

The fact that the right, the monarchy, the IMF or the media of the system declare themselves "environmentalists", does not contribute anything positive to the fight against climate change, and they are not welcome in this movement. In this way, the only thing that is achieved is to wash the face of those responsible for ecological barbarism and open the door for them to influence and manipulate an exemplary struggle while they benefit from placing the "ecological" label on their companies and advertisements.

Not only because it is impossible to build a "green capitalism", but also because they spread a message blaming the vast majority of society for the environmental crisis, as if it was a matter of individual responsibility. In addition, in many countries in Europe, the well-known green parties have tried to present themselves as a solution respecting the rules of the capitalist game. But when these parties have reached governments, they have applied the same policies of cuts and attacks on our rights. An example has been the Swedish Green Party voting in favor of refugee quotas, the German Green Party that carried out the largest program of adjustments and privatizations since the post-war period when it was in coalition with the Social Democratic Party between 1998 and 2005, or the Green Party of Ireland who supported the IMF austerity agenda while being in the government.

In the Spanish State, the PSOE government has also talked about setting up an "ecological transition agenda". But if Pedro Sánchez really wanted to fight against climate change, he should confront the great economic powers, starting with nationalizing the electricity and energy sector companies so that they are public and respectful of the environment. In politics, what matters are the deeds, not the words.

The task of raising an environmental movement of struggle, which aims to end with the dictatorship that the great monopolies exert on world production, to plant the economy in a rational and environmentally friendly way, is more urgent than ever. No patch or timely measure will solve this global problem. We must be realistic, we must fight for the socialist transformation of society.

Join the Student Union to build a combative, revolutionary and anti-capitalist environmentalism

- Nationalization under democratic control of workers of all energy multinationals: electricity, mining, oil and gas companies, wind and solar ... Closure of nuclear power plants, and public investment plan to establish a 100% ecological and sustainabler energy industry, expanding jobs and guaranteeing the existing ones. No to energy poverty!

- For a free, quality and ecological public transport network. Massive investment plan to make cities 100% sustainable.

- Nationalization of the automobile, aeronautical and naval industries, and transformation of their production to make them viable and non-polluting.

- Nationalization of the land, the fishing industry, livestock, and food processing. For a sustainable, ecological and healthy diet for the whole population!

- Public recycling companies under the democratic control of the workers. Enough of doing business with environmentalism!

- For a sustainable production democratically planned by the whole working class and youth. Nationalization of banks and large financial funds to carry out all these plans. For the socialist and ecological transformation of society!