After 12 days of protests and a general strike, the Puerto Rican people have delivered a decisive blow to imperialism and oligarchy,  causing the resignation of the misogynistic, sexist, homophobic and corrupt Rosselló’s governement.

Almost three months after the elections, the Inauguration session has represented a defeat for the PSOE leader, Pedro Sanchez:  124 votes for, 155 against and 67 abstentions which stopped him from becoming President have increased the political instability and toppled what was supposed to be a triumphant parade towards La Moncloa*.

A period of great opportunities to build the forces of Marxism


The 19th, 20th and 21st of July we celebrated the I Congress of the International Revolutionary Left in Madrid. With an attendance of 160 comrades from the...

We need a Marxist alternative to fight for socialism

The Merkel era drawing is to a close, with growing instability and an upsurge in class struggle. This end is marked by the big established parties since World War II losing influence, and an increasing political polarization.

Stop the subordination to social democracy, we must move to opposition with a consistent left program!

Podemos’s leaders have the strategic commitment to be a  part of a future coalition government with the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez. To try to make it happen, they are taking shocking steps, abandoning...

Against economic and social catastrophe, raise a revolutionary alternative that fights for socialism!

Four years ago, on July 5th, the Greek people mobilized massively to vote in a referendum against the new austerity plans imposed on a third bailout by the Troika dictatorship (European Commission, ECB and...

Millions of people are leading a genuine rebellion in Latin America. In each country, the masses face again with determination the miseries that capitalism sentence them. The loyal representatives of the roughest neoliberalism as Macri or Bolsonaro have failed in their attempts to stabilize the situation.

On September 27th, we call all the youth to the European student strike against climate change and those responsible for the current environmental catastrophe that our planet is suffering: the big capitalist companies and the governments who serve them.

Two months after the general elections of April 28, the negotiations for the constitution of PSOE government are going through its most critical phase.

The Spanish economy is entering a phase of economic stagnation which could end in another deep crisis, as most bourgeois analysts recognize. The rise of economic nationalism, its materialization in trade wars and tariff conflict between China and the US, the Brexit and the intensification of the political and economic crisis in the European...

Organize an indefinite general strike and an action plan to overthrow the criminal government of JOH!

The situation in Honduras has reached a critical point. At the end of April, the health and education workers, supported by students, started an impressive mass mobilization against Juan Orlando Hernández...